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iPhone 3GS case review. Quattro T4 is now MacWorld editor's choice.

Ivyskin Quattro T4 Glass Screen Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

Price as Reviewed: $45

Company: Ivyskin


Review Pros: Excellent overall protection; Sleep/Wake button, Home, and volume buttons are covered but still work easily; well engineered; glass screen is smooth and easy to use.

Cons: Ring/Silent sitch difficult to reach unless you've got longer fingernails; a bit heavy; removable dock-connector port cover is easily lost; inserting and removing iPhone from case is a bit tricky.

Instead of relying on a thin-film screen protector--which tend to be difficult to apply without creating air bubbles--the Quattro T4 comes with its own glass screen. Just insert the phone into the case, and your screen is fully protected but bubble-free.

Taps and gestures all worked fine through the case's glass, and the case has a very solid feel to it. It's a very well-engineered product, and provides 100% protection for your iPhone.