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Ivyskin XyloT3 Reflect Case for iPhone 3G

Then again, not everyone is cuckoo for the iPhone’s unadulterated beauty; some are willing—maybe even pining—to slap on an outer layer that not only protects, but also dresses their iPhone. You know, sort of like one would dress a young child before sending him off to his first day of school. The Ivyskin XyloT3 Reflect Case is one such outfit, with a solid-white, hardshell back and a reflective, metallic border lining the front.


Unlike the Speck SeeThru and many other two-piece, hard-shell cases for the iPhone, the XyloT3 is a shining example of sturdy construction and actual protection. For example, the plastic itself is thick and comfortably durable. And the latches that fasten the case together inspire confidence in their integrity—dropping your encased iPhone a few feet onto the ground won’t cause the case to snap open, flinging your phone into the perilous clutches of The Outside World.

But the XyloT3’s most notable benefit is a feature that defines most of Ivyskin’s other protective cases: it fully protects the iPhone’s screen with a solid layer of plastic. This front piece uses Ivyskin’s Surface Xylo Wave technology, which allows you to manipulate the touchscreen through the protective cover with near-perfect control—something that’s hard to find in other iPhone cases, which, if they include any screen protection at all, usually feature just a piece of stick-on film. The XyloT3’s plastic protects the screen not only from the usual scratches and dust, but from dings and drops as well.

Plus, since the front is reflective, the case doubles as a mirror. No more needing to squint into the shiny Apple logo on the back of your phone to make sure you don’t have any left-over lunch in your teeth.