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IvySkin iPhone 3G XyloDuo Case review-PC Advisor


This rubbery number is a phone-hugging overcoat that slips snugly over the back and sides of the iPhone 3G. Almost 2mm thick, it gives excellent protection against bangs and scrapes, leaving just the screen window and various port cutouts exposed to the outside world. For the earpiece cutout, a rectangular aperture stretches an extra 15mm each side of the sound slot, giving a symmetrical appearance while allowing an opening for the proximity sensor positioned to the left side.But this matt silicone rubber skin is also something of a dust magnet, taking more than a little shine off the iPhone's glossy impact. Be prepared to see it pick up pocket fluff and dust wherever you go. And a minor quibble is that the case encroaches on the bottom of the screen when using the keyboard, so you have to finger type in those corners that bit more carefully.Aside from giving excellent hand grip thanks to its non-slip finish, another bonus of this case is that you can easily lean your iPhone on its side against, say, a laptop, to allow video watching and CoverFlow browsing without using a separate stand.The iPhone 3G XyloDuo Case is available in Jet (plain black finish) or a choice of four colour fronts. These are Royal (blue), Pink, Raz (red) and Alpine (white).



Not the cutest case you’ll find, but rugged and highly practical, taking away the worry of everyday scratches marring your iPhone’s sheen.