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There is only one item as ubiquitous as white apple ear buds and that is the protective cases encompassing the iPod that came with the ear buds. The number of case manufacturers seems to grow every day. Based in San Jose, Ca., ivyskin is a leading provider of innovative polysilicon accessories for Apple iPhone, iPod, and Macintosh products. The tested accessories of the day are the Retro and Retro T2 cases for the iPod touch.


The Retro

The well-designed 2mm thick Retro comes in five different colors: Black, white, pink, red, and blue. Regardless of the color you choose every case has a black back. I received a Razz red case to review, which is quite the eye catcher. Since the case doesn’t cover the screen, all Retros come with a welcome screen protector in the box.


Like many ivyskin products, the Retro is made of a product called LEXoN. This polysilicon material is quite durable and very flexible. The Retro fits the iPod touch well and it doesn’t make the iPod too bulky. I prefer the soft feel of the LEXoN to a harder plastic case because it is comfortable to hold in my hand. I can’t find any faults with this reasonably priced case ($24.99) and I think that it is quite durable, therefore it earns a 5-star rating.