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Ivyskin iPod Nano CUB Case


When you are on the go, you want your iPod nano to be protected.  This sleek polysilicon cover can do that for you and more, without adding any bulk to your iPod.
You’ll love the feel of this polysilicon skin that offers you the ultimate grip and a 1mm solid scratch free screen protector that, giving you the ultimate in protection while letting you viewthe screen perfectly.  The Cub can give your iPod nano a great, colorful look as well as great functionality.
You will love the ear bud covers that are made from that same silicon material which improves the sound quality and makes the ear buds more comfortable for your ears.  
The Cub also features a removable belt clip that can swivel 360 degrees, making it easy to hook to your purse or belt for easy transport.  The Cub doubles as an iPod stand, allowing you to watch your videos while at work or play, while fully protecting your iPod nano.

ipod nano CUB case

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IvySkin.com is a leading provider of innovative polysillicon accessories for Apple’s iPhone, iPod and Mac products. IvySkin.com is proud to be an American based company that designs, manufactures, and delivers useful and fun products for digital entertainment and personal computing to people in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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