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General Questions

How is ivyskin diffrent?

IvySkin™ manufactures the world's first and only patented Glass Touch-Thru™ award winning BatteryCase® for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Following in the footsteps of the breakthrough product, the Wrangler case, the much anticipated RENEGADE™ BatteryCase® line introduces some one of a kind concepts never before seen in the sea of endless cases and armor, all promising durability and the highest level of protection. We design our cases right here in the U.S., where it is used tested and perfected before we release them. Our proprietary skin is a Polysilicon, LEXon plastic (solid, invincible) with unique properties that allow it to provide the best qualities and unparalleled abrasion resistance. The skin's flexibility allows us to custom design the ivyskin to wrap around an entire device. We have applies for patent on the process of not only protecting iphones, but introducing the first touch through crystal device. Not only did we originate this concept, but we are also the only company that offers the original LEXon Polysilicon cases, the ultimate brand in protection. 

Why Touch-Thru Glass?

No matter how careful you are, without protection, your iPhone, iPad or iPod body and screen will get scratched. It's just one of life's problems. All it takes is a taxi ride in NY or a Tennis match in Madrid!. Over time, iPhones, iPads and iPods's screens become extremely scratched. With the newer video enabled iPhones, iPads and iPod touch, you can't chance getting even one scratch. The only way to truly protect them is with the ivyskin Touch-Thru screen products that fully hugs your devices and protect their most crutial part, the screen. Other cases are weak, flimsy plastic that don't offer any protection for the screen of your device. They were designed and manufactured with cheap materials. This is what stores and manufacturers want, they want you to buy their product over and over and over again. Our take is a bit different. We want to offer you the best product possible, with the best warranties available, to gain your trust and loyalty, knowing that over time, you will purchase many different digital devices which will also need protection. We are simply obsessed with perfection!


How long after my order is placed will it take to ship?

Almost all orders are shipped by the next business day. It may take a little longer in some cases, especially with orders placed during high-volume sales periods, such as holidays and weekends or when a hot new gadget is released.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

Yes - we can certainly ship to a P.O. Box if you live in the United States. If you live in the U.S. and your shipping address is a P.O. Box we arrange a special USPS delivery for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Also, the flat rate shipping option is available for international orders, however, it may take 5-15 business days.

How much does it cost to ship to my address?

From our Flat rate $5.95 to Next day, when you go through the checkout process, you will be shown a number of shipping options. Our system will give you exact shipping quotes from our mailing address to your shipping address, for multiple shipping options. This is designed to help you choose the most convenient shipping method for you.


What payments do you accept? Do you accept PayPal or Google Checkout?

We accept all major credit cards including VISA, Master Card and America Express. You can use your credit card directly at our secured shopping cart that process your payment with Authorized.net. The leading credit card processor online.

My order/Cerdit Card won't process even though my information is all correrect. Why is that?

We recently increased our security system to demand a positive AVS match. AVS basically matches the billing address information provided by the cardholder with their billing address on file at the bank that issued the credit card. The AVS response code is then sent out and depending if the code is accepted or rejected, the transaction is accepted or rejected. Sometimes, you might need to contact your credit card company to correct your AVS information to match.

Patents pending and intellectual property

IvySkin® has built a brand and reputation that is high quality and immediately recognizable. Our commitment to design, exceptional quality and style has earned our company a loyal following. IvySkin® actively protects its intellectual property.

  • IvySkin has invested a significant amount of energy on research and development and advertising.
  • Infringers do not carry this cost burden and present lower quality products.
  • Companies that sell similar or infringing cases damage our market and our retailers by selling sub-standard products, diminishing the brand, and not controlling the channels in which they are sold (ie., ebay, co-ops and home based businesses).

We take our intellectual property very seriously and will fight to defend it against unauthorized users.

Please do not accept substitutions. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to create wonderful cases.

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